“Mount Everest is superlative in place,
so as the sky,
Our endeavor knows no limits,
We seek Advancement, Excellence and
All Round Development.
Therefore, we consider marching
Ever Forward
As our Motto, in nurturing the leaders of tomorrow
to attain our great vision, serve God and glorify Him”.
The College is situated on the outskirts of the busy commercial township of Senapati District Headquarters. The location affords solitude and congenial atmosphere
conducive to the pursuit of good education. The beauty of the environment is enhanced by the National Highway 2 that runs parallel to the meandering Senapati
river - both just below the College Campus. The College location is surrounded by lush green hills and is easily accessible by various means of transport.

The lush green 20 Acre premises of the Mount Everest College provides ample space for spacious classrooms, computer labs, library, chapel hall, conference hall,
Auditorium, Administrative Blocks, canteen, recreational activity, amenities and the much more required parking facility. The College also has a large track of land
adequate enough to extend further to accommodate the ever spiraling number of students for various traditional courses and time to time introduction of new
diversified vocational courses.
The Campus is clustered with a number of hostels. As many as 21 (Twenty-One) hostels (boys/girls) and students coming from different shades of life find the
opportunity to live together, participate in extracurricular activities, and grow. Greenery and the scenic beauty of the MEC Campus is enhanced by its natural
 ambiance where one can witness a full-fledged poem of C.F. Alexander “All things bright and beautiful ...... The Good God made them all”
Full swing construction of a New Block is in progress consisting of new canteen, new Library, boys’ reading room, girls’ reading room and indoor mini stadium.
It is planned that in near future the campus is to have a new look all together, in terms of new facilities for both students and teachers.

i)    To contribute the best of our capacity in removing illiteracy in the region of our generation and the generations ahead.
ii)    To provide the highest standard of personal development, including intellectual, physical and spiritual values.
iii)    To equip and direct every individual student to be fit and take part as an individual in the society and the nation in   the way that suits best according to one’s own talent.
iv)    To give top priority to civic sense building and discipline so as to produce high quality secular educated persons of the highest degree of integrity and abolish corruption in the society.
v)    To develop and promote skills of leadership so as to equip them for their tomorrow’s role as pillars of the nation.
vi)    To inculcate in them the habit of information seeking and passing.
Vii)    To inculcate in them the sense of duty so as to help them lead purposeful life.
Viii)    To help students appreciate cultural plurality while not mistaking the uniqueness of each one.
Ix)    To educate the students in matter of human rights so as to let them understand their own right as human being and appreciate and accommodate rights of other.
X)    To help students realize the importance of ecological balance and care for the environment and accordingly use Eco-friendly articles.

*Counseling and Prayer:
By God's grace the College has appointed chaplains and teachers with vision and commitment to nurture and train students so that they receive the best education of
mind, body and spirit. Counseling and prayer as the weapon of success and closer relationship with God is offered to everyone whenever required. It is based on
Scripture and aim to strengthen spiritual life.

* Annual spiritual activities:
I)    Annual Disciple Camps for College students experience witnessing Christ in their lives. Many students change their lifestyle after receiving Jesus Christ.
Renowned Bible teachers from within and abroad are engaged during the camp.
ii)    Annual Retreat organized by the Mount Everest Students' Fellowship (MESF) is one of the treasure hunts for hostelers which renowned pastors, ministers,
Seminary lecturers and preachers are invited to share the Bible knowledge, so also counseling them to boosting moral education and spiritual lifestyles. During
the retreat, singing competitions, literary items and individual participation activities are special features. Singing of hymns is always encouraged.

    Students who have secured at least 50% marks in aggregate for Science and 45% marks in aggregate for Arts/Commerce in the HSSLC Examination or Equivalent
Examinations can obtain the admission form and sit for entrance test.

Entrance Test
There shall be a written test for all the courses. The candidates will be selected on the basis of merit determined by the performance in the test. The entrance test
 shall be conducted at the premises of the College on the date and the time announced by the College Authority.
I)     Application Form for Admission
    Application forms are obtainable from the College along with the prospectus on payment of Rs.300/- each, soon after the result of HSSLC or equivalent
examinations are declared.
II)     How to Apply for Admission
    1)    Duly filled in application form along with the following documents should reached the college office on or before the date fixed by the College Authority.
    2)    Incomplete application form(s) submitted after the last date…
III)     Declaration of Result
    On the basis of the result conducted by Examination Committee, the list of selected candidates along with those in the waiting list will be put up on the
College Notice Board on the date fixed by the College Authority. No personal intimation or correspondence will be sent in this regard.
VII. Personal Interview
    An interview of the selected candidates will be conducted the very next day after the result of the entrance test is out. They should be accompanied by their
Parents/Guardians at the time of interview. This interview is to assess personality, discipline, conduct and behavior of the students. Selected candidates are
required to produce the Original Certificates and to appear with formal dresses at the time of interview.

    The College Authority reserves the right to cancel the admission of a candidate if the information furnished by him/her are found incorrect or if the
documents are found to be forged or fake.

    1)    Once admitted, fees shall not be refunded.
    2)    Student seeking transfer certificate before the end of academic session shall have to pay fees for the full term otherwise no transfer certificate will be issued.

    1)    College hours are from 9.00 a.m. to 4,30 p.m.
    2)     Students are required to attend classes regularly and in time.
    3)    Students with cumulative attendance of less than 75% shall not be allowed to write Semester Examination.
    4)    Habitual late coming and Irregular attendance is highly discouraged. Any student coming late to the College should seek the permission from the Principal before entering the class.
    5)    Class teachers may disallow students to join the class if they come late by 5 minutes.
    6)    For any absence from the college, leave application written in their own handwriting and counter-signed by the parents/guardians should be submitted to the Principal.
    7)    Absence without reasonable leave application will not be permitted to enter…

    The college feels that discipline comes naturally to any individual who is committed to a goal. It is agreed by all that idle minds breed evils and busy minds do not have
time to try and nurture such unbecoming behaviors. Thus, the college authority expects discipline from every student. Some behaviors the college authority will never
tolerate or compromise with are:
    1)    Use of non-prescribed medicines and drugs.
    2)    Use of liquor.
    3)    Immoral sexual behavior.
    4)    Stealing.
    5)    Destruction of college properties.
    6)    Insubordination to teachers, faculty and staff.
    7)    Indecent dresses.
    8)     Quarrel and physical assault to students, teachers, faculty, staff, visitors, etc.
    9)    Ragging in any form.
    10)    Disrespect to women students and staff.
    11)    Use of unauthorized gadgets.

 The College from the beginning has been organizing both indoor and outdoor activities. Students are given these opportunities so as to refresh their body and mind so as to
ensure fitness of both. Hectic academic syllabi make students stressful. That's why, we need a sort of other co-curricular activities. A phrase goes; 'All day work and no play
make Jack a dull boy' is rightly opined. Keeping this in mind the institute has set aside a few days, making students release that education is not only studying day in and day out
but showing the way and giving a platform so that they are able to equip themselves and understand that education is all round development.